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My art collection spanning from multiple fandoms to just random artwork I edited to further my abilities.

Also, cats.


+Lord of the Shimmering Sea+
Before his fall and subsequent 'redemption', Carden Tariq was a cleric of the twin goddesses of justice and mercy; Eiella and Eryvia respectively. Born into it from a long line of paladins who hailed from the desert kingdom known as the 'Shimmering Sea', Carden grew up in the twins' shadows as well as that of his own proud, but heavily devout, lineage which left him little to no room to find any other avenues than following tradition. By the time he was twenty-five, he was recognized as a full-fledged cleric and studying at the Citadel when news came that his childhood friends, a brother/sister pair of a wealthy merchant lord, had run afoul of trouble abroad. Tolos, the brother, had been slain along with their father and Delia had been held hostage for almost five years before being rescued by mercenaries and brought home again. Devastated, Carden left his studies to go to her immediately...

... But the woman he found was not the same who had left. Upon their meeting, the truth eventually came out -- they had been attacked by a vampire new to the area and Tolos had been slain trying to rescue Delia along with their father. Delia herself had been turned and under the tutelage of her newfound master, had come into her own as a vampire and returned. Despite knowing deep down that he had but one option, Carden found that he simply couldn't bring himself to kill someone he loved so dearly and ended up being seduced to become a vampire just like her. Broken from his faith and reborn in darkness, Carden quickly took to his new life and set about subtly spreading their influence and power throughout the city. In time, Delia left him after finally revealing that the whole reason she turned him at all was the prospect of turning a man of faith as a trophy of sorts. 

Over the next century, Carden would go on to conquer almost the entirety of his country in a variety of vicious ways. Along the way, he ended up 'acquiring' a unique albino elf by the name of Beliel whom he enthralled. Being an elf, however, he was largely immune to the vampire's more subtle powers... which was a challenge Carden was more than happy to accept, despite Beliel's continued resistance.
+Cadia's Quest+
The quest following the initial Bandit Ambush, the trio continued to the town of Brayweth where Sang was approached by a follower of the nature goddess, Cadia. Gravely wounded and carrying the key to the goddess' power in the mortal world, the creature (revealed to be a dryad) beseeched the swamp elf for help. While he had long since become an acolyte of the blood god, Sang had never forgotten his roots and agreed. Together with Carden and Erigash, they made for the Whispersilk woods in the dead of night to return the token to Cadia before her eternal rival, Sarecian the goddess of decay, could capture it again.

Unfortunately, the timing could not have been any worse for the journey. The fae swarming season was upon that area of the continent and it wasn't long before the annoying magical pests had caught up to their carriage. While overall harmless for the most part, the fae's magic is as unpredictable as they are and the trio found themselves quickly surrounded and falling under enchantments from the dust left behind by their tiny pursuers. Their dwarven carriage driver, heavily charmed, ended up fleeing the carriage in glee -- fleeing his clothes and senses in the process -- and abandoned them to run off into the woods with his new 'friends'. Erigash herself was charmed and rendered harmless; content to merely watch the chaos in blissful calm. Carden found himself paralyzed by the swarming fae, Sang was deafened and even one of the horses (lovingly named 'Plopgallop') was stunned.

In the end, they managed to lose the swarm and reach their destination, but it was embarrassingly close.

Sang belongs to Fishbug
Carden and Erigash belong to me.
The dwarf belongs to the fairies now.
+Quarry Crashers+
After listening to The Adventure Zone, Fishbug and I were inspired to make our own original DnD world. The only known creatures to encompass all schools of magic, dragons had nearly conquered the known world thousands of years ago. Only through an unlikely alliance of the gods and their chosen mortals from across all of the spectrums were a series of weapons forged to combat and ultimately end the threat. The war forever changed the land, both literally and figuratively, and since that time an uneasy peace had settled; only periodically has it been threatened by more mortal skirmishes. By the present time, the 'Dragon Regalia' had been lost to time and circumstance.

From left to right:
Name: Erigash
Race: Orc
Hometown: Bar'Fha (located on the continent of Ekos)
Class: Fighter
Bio: Born smaller than most orcs, Erigash spent most of the early part of her life fighting twice as hard for the respect she felt she deserved as a budding warrior. By the time of her Blooding, however, she had long since earned the respect of her tribe and was inducted into it along with the other orcs around her age during the grueling coming of age ritual. Unfortunately, only a handful of seasons later a stranger would come calling to their territory heralded by the beginnings of an army -- a Dragon Lord. Claiming to be an ancient dragon reborn, he quickly subdued the tribal chieftains into joining his campaign and for the first time in centuries, the orcs prepared for outright war. Unsatisfied with the mere pretense of her people being used, even if it was for battle, Erigash took it upon herself to leave her home in search of one of the fabled weapons that could slay the interloper and his growing army.

Name: Carden Tariq
Race: Human ('former' Vampire Lord)
Hometown: Asifa (located in the Shimmering Sea on the continent of Aucai)
Class: Cleric
Bio: The only child of the governor of Asifa, Carden was born into a line of paladins loyal to the twin goddesses, Eiella and Eryvia -- the goddesses of justice and mercy, respectively. For five generations, his family served them as clerics, then paladins, and it was expected that he would follow suit when he came of age. He grew up with an 'extended family' of sorts in the form of a brother/sister pair named Tolos and Delia; children of a wealthy merchant lord who had ties to his own father as governor. While Tolos was on track to become a bodyguard for his father's caravans and Delia dabbled with magic, Carden was nonetheless as close to them as family... which is why when word reached him as a young man that their caravan had been attacked while away on a trade route and the only survivor to return to Asifa was Delia, he left the temple of the twins to support her. Only newly recognized as a cleric, Carden had no idea that his beloved had come back a much different person... a vampire. Their reunion would change the course of his life for the next century as Delia seduced him from both his humanity and his faith, only to leave him once she had claimed her 'trophy'. It wouldn't be until a battalion of the goddesses he'd forsaken came calling that he was brought down and given a choice: death or a heavy penance for the evils he'd committed...

Name: 'Sang'
Race: Elf (commonly referred to as a 'swamp elf', specifically)
Hometown: Morhall (located in Corpsebloat Swamp on the continent of Ekos)
Class: Mage (Blood Mage)
Bio: Hailing from a close-knit community of elves descended from ancient wood elves displaced by the dragon wars, Sang grew up worshiping the goddess of nature, Cadia, as did the rest of his people. Though isolated within the treacherous swamplands, the swamp elves held strong trading ties to the nearby orc tribes and the caravans that dared come over from across the sea in search of exotic wares to take back. It was during one such routine trade route that he and his group were attacked by a gang of bandits and taken prisoner. Over the course of two weeks, their numbers dwindled as the bandits either killed them or attempted to ransom them and Sang found his desperate prayers to the gods unanswered... save for one. Ancient and largely forgotten in the modern age, the deity answered the elf's pleas and bestowed upon him the power to kill his captors utilizing his own blood as a deadly weapon in exchange for a show of faith -- his left eye. Now christened an apostle of the blood god, Sang was tasked with rediscovering his deity -- chief among them his name and temple. Taking the bandit chief's eye as a replacement for his sacrifice, Sang set out to do as his god bid and would spend the next 40 years searching for anything that could point him in the right direction.

Erigash and Carden belong to me.
Sang belongs to Fishbug
Time Patrol Trio
With their parents dead and the dread goddess released to consume their universe, the now-orphaned Saiyajin trio were taken in as children by their demikai guardian, Kadila. Over the years, they would be forced to flee from world to world just ahead of the unholy horde as it ravaged everything in it's path until a failed attempt at a last stand cost them their longtime protector and Endou his right arm. Now stranded on a new world populated by the genius Densanjin, the trio would eventually find the means to travel back in time to try and give at least one timeline a better future. In the face of the ever-encroaching darkness, it was the best option any of them had at that point. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't too long after their journey and subsequent return that the time-travel device was stolen by a rogue Densanjin and forced the kids to pursue him. Due to the pre-set coordinates, the trio found themselves back on Earth in the past and once more reunited with their parents... until the device was damaged during the battle and they were forced to watch as their loved ones were abruptly thrown into time and space. It would only be by the intervention of the Kaiohshins that the Z Senshi were finally located and the trio was sent to find them. After a series of jumps through a wild variety of timelines, they found themselves back in their own ravaged timeline alongside their parents with the armies of the goddess bearing down on them all.

It was a hard, fearsome struggle but the avatars of the goddess were finally slain, and for once the future looked a little brighter. Upon their parents' return to their proper place in time, the trio set about helping what was left of the resistance defeat and ultimately seal away the force that had plagued them their entire lives. But the cost was great on all sides and a future that none of them dared hope for had arrived... and none of them knew what to do now that their fight was over. Peace was an awkward thing to settle into, and the trio were once again struggling to find their place in the remains of the universe... until an unlikely source gave them an out.

The Kaiohshin of Time had need of them, and after thoroughly reaming them out for their time-travel, decided to recruit them as proper Time Patrollers.

From Left To Right:
Taran belongs to miranda-shadowind
The twins Astrea and Endou belong to me.


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