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My art collection spanning from multiple fandoms to just random artwork I edited to further my abilities.

Also, cats.

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+After Party+ by MewberryCake
+After Party+
"Well that's ironic... you can handle a system-wrecking viral horde but not the high-grade stuff."

"HEY! Don't 'chu tell me whut I can't... the hell ish all that noise?"

"This music is alpha-numeric! Did you see what Amp and I just did?! .... Avira? Aggro? Hey! You weren't watching!"

Aggro and Amp are courtesy of: :iconfishbug:
Jini and Avira are mine.

Forgot some minor details that have been added and removed the softening filter for clearer quality.
+Pa'li Tsaheylu+ by MewberryCake
+Pa'li Tsaheylu+
N'zari was raised in the Horse Tribe of the Plains, and as such learned to primarily ride the pa'li from an early age. While pa'li don't form exclusive bonds with the Na'vi, the first colt she rode as a child eventually became her favorite and he became known for being reluctant to allow any others to bond and ride with him. Almost inseparable, the pair have crossed the plains of Pandora together and back again since they were young... though their bond tends to make trouble for those who seek N'zari's attentions as Ahtsan tends to be the jealous sort.

But with effort, he could be coaxed into sharing his rider with another.

Background is a heavily edited wallpaper background from
+Visions of a Warrior Princess+ by MewberryCake
+Visions of a Warrior Princess+
An updated picture of Princess Contessa, as both an angry, pouty child and as a rebellious, arrogant teenager. Created in a laboratory as a backup plan then later displaced in another time after her mother,  Queen Vejitina's, ill-fated campaign to take over all of time and space, Contessa was raised on a world far away from Earth by her beloved caretaker and biological father, General Sanshou. It would be years before she managed to overcome the psychological effects of her mother's cruelty, but the entire time she dreamed of returning to her home dimension to take back her mother's throne and repair the damage to the empire she caused so long ago.

But that doesn't mean she can't enjoy her freedom while she can.
+The Serpentine Goddess of the Ocean+ by MewberryCake
+The Serpentine Goddess of the Ocean+
Many, many centuries ago the Third Race was ruled with an iron first by Queen Mab, the mother of Oberon. At her side was the loyal Tiamat, the self-styled goddess of the ocean who proved just as cruel and capricious as her beloved Queen. She ruled the seven seas with her 'dragons' (also called leviathans) and it is rumored that she is the progenitor of the Atlantean race -- though she naturally saw them moreso as choice slaves rather than children. Her worshipers were just as apt to be drowned by her for no reason at all as those who didn't even know her name would be allowed to pass unmolested; such was the fae's unpredictable nature.

When Oberon rose up against his mother, Tiamat was one of those who remained loyal to Mab and fought viciously against her own kin until she was finally defeated. Though offered amnesty to become a child of Oberon, Tiamat refused and denounced him and swore vengeance for herself and her Queen. As punishment, Oberon locked her deep beneath the ocean floor -- never close enough to draw on its power, but still able to feel enough of the tides in her blood to torment her until the end of time.

It wouldn't be until an offshore drilling rig broke open her prison that she was finally able to escape; her mad fury heralded by a horrific storm that swept through most of the world's oceans. Still weakened from her time away from her element and not wishing to engage Oberon just yet, Tiamat retreated to Atlantis itself and found it a shell of what she had left behind. Angered anew, she quickly set about enslaving the remnants of the Atlantean race all over again and began to awaken her sleeping leviathans. When Acaeileus' clan ran afoul of her while searching for their lost clan leader, Tiamat demanded their loyalty and was rebuffed. In the end, a handful of his kin were able to escape her wrath while the rest found themselves imprisoned within Atlantis.

As her power grows, so do her ambitions to destroy the kin who turned on her and their 'rightful Queen' and force Oberon to tell her where he imprisoned Mab... even if it means sinking Avalon and everyone living there to the depths.

Notes: Yes, this is a Disney's Gargoyle's OC based off of the Grimorum's page concerning the Fae and how Oberon became their lord. She is the main antagonist in the ongoing picture-story I've been doing involving my and several others' gargoyle characters. You can see the first one HERE. The background is courtesy of Disney.
+Silver Age Heroes+ by MewberryCake
+Silver Age Heroes+
Back in the mid-50's, some of the first known superheroes emerged to the public after many of them had worked in secret -- either solo or with their respective governments -- to combat the various forces of evil threatening the world. It would be these heroes, and the groups they founded, who would eventually pave the way for superheroism as it is known today. Two of the most notable were Spectrum and Nightray, a brother-sister team who became key members of the 'Liberty Alliance' with a number of other heroes who would later become historic. Unfortunately, Spectrum left the Alliance after her husband, a police officer, died during a bank robbery while she was away on a mission overseas and without his sister to curb his more anti-social tendencies, Nightray soon followed. The Liberty Alliance was disbanded almost twelve years later, and that time saw Spectrum as a retired mother to her only child and Nightray working with the government's special metahuman division as a liaison to various local police departments.

Eventually, Spectrum would become a grandmother to the girl who later became Pulse... making Nightray her great-uncle as well.

In their primes, however, they were forces of justice to be feared. Spectrum's abilities came from her psionic powers of emotional, and therefore limited mental, manipulation. She could influence the emotions of those around her, or focus on only one target -- a number of battles were curbed by her influence over the enemy, turning their courage to terror or turning their loyalty around to the other side. Nightray, on the other hand, relied moreso on various gadgets and his own innate abilities of increased stamina and strength -- he leveled above normal humans, but nowhere near the level of the more powerful heroes.

Ironically, Nightray is the younger by almost 7 years.
He is also property of: Fishbug
Spectrum belongs to me.

Note: The universe these heroes reside in is an OC based superhero-centric one not really affiliated with Marvel or DC. I've mentioned it before in these pictures: this and this


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After my next picture, which is nearly done, I will be going on an artistic hiatus for a while. I need to put more of my time into studying for the various IT-related certificates I've been intending to do for years now. I don't know for how long, per se, but at least 'til I get these next two certs.

I will still be on DA off and on, and for those of you whom I RP with off-site, I will still be involved -- just in a diminished capacity.
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I am currently a Graphic Arts student, hoping to go on to get a Bachelor's sometime within the next few years. I mainly draw anime-based artwork, though I've also done some photo manipulations and the like. I also run a DragonBall Z RPG that has gone on for fourteen years, so if you're interested, just send me a note or email!

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