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My art collection spanning from multiple fandoms to just random artwork I edited to further my abilities.

Also, cats.

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+The Final Battle+
"Your children are gone, your world is on fire and your pitiful excuse for an 'army' is being eaten alive by my own. I told you when last we met that I would see you broken before I saw you dead... and that time has come. All you have left to you now is that pitiful excuse for a tribal form and it is nothing compared to my legendary power! Do you feel it? I hold both you and your pathetic little world in my grasp... all I need do is clasp victory in my hand."
Onyx the Crow by MewberryCake
Onyx the Crow
Name: Onyx
Nicknames: Onyx the Crow, Dream Dancer
Race: Crow
Gender: Female
Age: 16
DOB: September 23rd
Birthplace: Mystic Ruins (but has long since relocated to Pumpkin Hill)
Alignment: Neutral

History: Onyx was hatched in a secluded area of the Mystic Ruins with a handful of siblings to parents who preferred the country life over the hustle and bustle of the cities, and made a modest life for their family helping the excavation teams that were in and out of the area. Onyx herself proved to be a handful early on with her playful but mischievous streak that oftentimes got her and her siblings into trouble -- especially when it came to other people's valuables. Always into everything she could possibly be with an imagination that seemed boundless, her parents weren't initially concerned when she suddenly began referencing an imaginary friend one day. Simply chalking it up to childish whimsy that she would grow out of, they instead tried encouraging her to make friends outside of her family and dreams.

As time went on, however, they realized their daughter was becoming distressed -- usually after waking up from sleep -- about her 'friend'; speaking nonsense about nightmare creatures taking him away. Unbeknownst to her family, Onyx had made contact with a Nightmaren from the Night Dimension and the two had become friends despite the latter's initial attempts to steal the young crow's Ideya. Over time, they became inseparable but when a persona mask was stolen from Wizeman as a gift for Onyx's birthday, her friend was captured and imprisoned by his brethren. After Wizeman's eventual defeat by NiGHTS and the Visitors, the two were reunited and made a vow to never be parted again. To this end, a now pre-teen Onyx left her family for Pumpkin Hill despite their protests. All she would say is that the restless spirits who dwelled in the darkness there held no terror for her.

Since that time she has been seen in a number of places but never for very long, though the effects of her presence tend to linger as people discover things missing (which range from useless knick-knacks to more expensive, usually shiny, items) or find themselves the victim of her whim (which can range from irritating pranks to downright dangerous situations).

Persona Mask: A gift from the realm of dreams, its power in the waking world allows Onyx to take another's form for a very short time. She usually keeps it secreted away in the pockets of her hooded coat.

Author's Notes: Onyx has been a long-running OC of mine since back at the debut of the StH TV and Archie comic series', but I had to do a major overhaul on her because she was, essentially, Rouge before there ever was a Rouge. The only two differences between them were that Onyx was never a spy nor a bat. So I redid her motivations and backstory, though admittedly she has a little more footing in the NiGHTS into Dreams franchise than Sonic.

Backdrop is also courtesy of: Ashman718

Biotite the Gem Pirate by MewberryCake
Biotite the Gem Pirate
So Steven Universe is an awesome show and while I'm behind the rest of the fandom, I finally got around to drawing my gemsona!

Name: Biotite
Gender: Genderless
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Height: 5'5
Weapon: Nail Bat
Gem Type: Biotite (Aggregate)
Likes: Treasure, theft, screwing over other Gems (especially Homeworld Gems), fighting, space travel, tinkering with Gem technology
Dislikes: Homeworld Gems, most other Gems, being told what to do, boredom, being stolen from

Hobbies: Planning and executing grand thefts, modifying Gem technology into other contraptions, admiring the vastness of space
Talents/Skills: Can go from only one 'nail' in her bat to several if the situation calls for it

Relationships: Has an antagonistic relationship with her on-again/off-again crewmate Pyrite
Personality:  Has a distinct hatred of authority and most Gems, but doesn't care in the slightest what happens to the indigenous life on whatever planet she happens to be on. She is out for herself and what she wants, and what she wants is everything she can get her hands on. She also has no qualms about fighting dirty to win in a battle and can be easily goaded into doing something stupid.
+Under the Grid+ by MewberryCake
+Under the Grid+
Even SecuriCOM has it's underworld, which parallels the working system 'above' surprisingly closely. There are programs who merely peddle the usual fare of adware and toolbars to the unsuspecting passersby all the way to the shadowy figures who run the bigger ventures such as code theft and data trading. But somewhere in the middle are the programs who compete in the underground fighting arenas -- some for more sport than they get in the system-sanctioned games, others to prove themselves as muscle for potential employers looking for bodyguards... and still others who merely want to spill as much energy and pain as possible. Risq is one of the former programs, merely playing at the arenas for sport though only a handful know who he truly is beneath the tinted helmet.

If his opponent doesn't take his defeat too hard, he may even buy him an apology drink afterwards. Or he may find himself running away from yet another group of angry combat programs.

Risq is mine.
TRON Universe is Disney's.
+Round 2, go!+ by MewberryCake
+Round 2, go!+
Something of a followup to this picture: Sparring Session, Avira the anti-viral commander of the SecuriCOM system and the internal affairs/elite squad commander Keylog begrudgingly declared their last match a draw as the training area gave out before they did. This time, however, neither of them intend to leave until someone is down for the cycle.

Keylog belongs to: :iconfishbug:
Avira belongs to me.


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I am currently a Graphic Arts student, hoping to go on to get a Bachelor's sometime within the next few years. I mainly draw anime-based artwork, though I've also done some photo manipulations and the like. I also run a DragonBall Z RPG that has gone on for fourteen years, so if you're interested, just send me a note or email!

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